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COVID-19 Protocols

A neighbourhood is a community, made up of people who care and look out for one another.

We are looking out for you. It’s been a challenging couple of months, and we’ve all been impacted by Covid-19. In response to these challenges, we have made changes to improve the health and safety of everyone in our community to foster and grow a positive and productive working environment. We are ready to welcome you back to Neighbourhood.


  • Our nightly cleaning team disinfects all surfaces, floors and fabrics using Health Canada approved disinfectants

  • Studios and common areas are provided with multiple hand sanitizing stations, including options for both a sink and antibacterial hand soap, and gel hand sanitizer

  • Common area surfaces with frequent points of contact are disinfected every 30 mins. This includes countertops, door handles and light switches

  • Our team wear masks, and we are checking our temperatures daily while adhering to all safe employee protocols as set out by health officials

  • All equipment and digital items are thoroughly sanitized once they’re delivered to your studio, as well as when they’re returned to us

  • A maximum capacity of guests has been put in place for each studio to ensure safe physical distancing as well as added tables and chairs

  • To ensure proper sanitization in the studios between bookings, we will no longer be offering half day studio rentals

Your production in Studio

  • Our studio team will discuss our Covid-19 policies and procedures and answer any questions you may have prior to your shoot. This is an opportunity to discuss any special requests such as personal protection equipment, additional sanitization needs etc.

  • We ask all guests to wear face masks while in common areas and to maintain physical distancing requirements of 2 metres or 6 feet from all other guests and staff.

  • The cafe and reception area will remain open however we ask that guests limit use of these common spaces and not use the space for receiving or waiting areas.

  • Any packages or items delivered will be accepted outside the reception area by our staff and brought to your studio’s drop point.

  • Studio phones are a direct link to our equipment rental department and reception or cafe. Requests can be called in and will be delivered directly to your studio’s drop point. 

  • Additional tables and chairs have been placed in your studio to assist with physical distancing during meal breaks. We also encourage you to use the terrace, and additional tables and chairs can be set up with advance notice.

  • Additional PPE supplies are available for purchase from our equipment department such as face shields and masks

  • Additional on-set disinfection can be requested throughout your production

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding health and safety during your production our team is always available to assist

Arriving to the Studio

  • When arriving at the studio, all guests are asked to use the hand sanitizer station located at the entrance.

  • We ask that you wear a mask or face covering at all times while in the studio’s shared spaces. If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you.

  • You will be asked to undergo a quick health and temperature screening before entering the studio as well as to sign our visitor log.

  • We will check your temperature with a non-contact thermometer. If you present a fever of 38 degrees or higher you will not be permitted to enter the studio and we will notify your producer. After a 15 minute rest period your temperature will be checked again and if it is still high, you will not be allowed access and should contact your healthcare provider.

  • Notify your producer or job contact if you have a fever, are experiencing symptoms related to Covid-19 or have come in contact with someone presumed to be positive. Please do not come to the studio.

Parking Protocol

  • In prioritizing the safety of both our team and our clients, we will no longer be able to valet vehicles in our driveway, or to/from street parking. Designated parking spaces will be clearly outlined for each studio. Neighbourhood staff will not be permitted to obtain keys or move any client vehicles in order to minimize contact with personal spaces and protect the health and safety of everyone.

Neighbourhood Cafe

  • We are very pleased to be able to continue coffee, tea and espresso service from our Cafe! 

  • With enhanced health and safety measures in place we are regularly sanitizing all cafe surfaces and points of contact, wearing masks at all times, using new gloves with every order prepared, and taking extra precautionary measures to avoid cross contamination between orders in addition to strict hand washing procedures. Once your order is prepared, it will be delivered to your studio’s drop point in a disposable cup with lid.

  • Cafe menus are located next to your studio’s phone, and can be called in or emailed to studios@neighbourhoodstudios.com. You can also drop your order off to the cafe, but we ask that you please not congregate in the cafe area.

  • Consolidating coffee orders helps to reduce PPE waste and are greatly appreciated!

Equipment Protocol

  • In an effort to minimize physical contact between our team and your crew we ask that you make use of your in-studio phone as a direct line to the equipment rental department - simply call in your request for any equipment related needs and it will be delivered to your designated drop point.

  • Your crew can opt to pick up items from the equipment rental department if necessary, where our team will be exercising safe distancing protocols

On Location Protocol

  • All new orders are packed by a dedicated individual or team using gloves and masks and are disinfected as they are packed into cases and bags

  • All equipment, production supplies, cases and bags are thoroughly disinfected prior to each rental and following each return 

  • Equipment cases and bag exteriors are disinfected after last touch by our team or at the moment of transfer to your crew

  • Additional items are available for rent or purchase:

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Disposable masks

    • Disposable gloves

    • No-Contact Thermometers

    • Face shields

    • Air Purifier

Delivery Protocol

  • All vehicles’ interior surfaces and frequent contact points are disinfected multiple times per day

  • In order to minimize physical contact between our team and yours, we are taking two different approaches to delivery:

  1. Our driver will remain in the vehicle or at a safe distance while your crew unloads the equipment

  2. Our driver will unload all equipment to a specific predetermined drop area. Once unloading is complete and our driver is at a safe distance, your team can take possession of the order.

  • Please plan for extra time on site for all deliveries as we are exercising all efforts to maintain safe distancing

  • Curbside pickup is available when picking up equipment from our location. Simply call us 10 minutes prior to arrival and our team will be waiting for you to load the gear into your vehicle

Digital Protocol

  • Our Digital team has introduced new workflows to aid in the safety of our technicians and your crew, this includes on set, off set, and off site protocols


      • All technicians will wear masks at all times, and will be provided with a kit that includes hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes

      • In keeping with social distancing policies, we ask that all crew and talent maintain 6 feet of distance from the capture stations and technician. All rentals will now require a remote viewing monitor with keyboard to aid in ensuring distancing policies are adhered to

      • All capture equipment will be disinfected prior to delivery, and once more by our tech, upon arrival at set. Cameras, and shared items, will be disinfected each time they are passed to the photographer or crew.


      • Neighbourhood technicians can work at any distance from set or photographer, with additional monitors available by the set for the photographer and crew

      • Additional ipads, or monitors are available so that clients and crew can view your production’s capture session, or we can help you connect with your own device

      • Please let us know if you require remote viewing of your set or any part of your studio or location off-set


      • All Neighbourhood capture stations now include remote control software, allowing our technicians to remotely operate the capture station on set, from anywhere in the world

      • Clients can watch from the comfort of their office or home while assets from the capture session are recorded. Additional ipads, or monitors are available. 

      • Neighbourhood can set up your off-site screens, and ensure that you do not miss a moment of the shoot

      • Please let us know if you require remote viewing of your set or any part of your studio or location from off-site

Neighbourhood is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all our clients and friends. Our team and our work practices are all focused on ensuring that every interaction at our studio, on location or remotely, continues to be held to the highest standard of service in the industry without compromising safety. We are continuously following best practices as set out by our local, provincial and federal guidelines. We will also be updating our processes and procedures as new information becomes available.